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Five Things You Are Wasting Money On

July 12, 2016

Want to know some of my top money wasters and budget killers? Click through to this blog post where I give you five things you are wasting your money on. They aren't worth it, but your future is! Start a budget, stop spending and start saving with some of these tips. Let me help you!

So often we can feel like we don’t have enough money for all the things we need in life. But sometimes we can be spending unnecessary money on things that really don’t need that much money. Today I wanted to give you just five things (for starters) that you are most likely spending too much money on and in other words, wasting your money on. continue reading

7 Tips For Your Minimal Budget

July 5, 2016

If you are struggling with creating or maintaining your minimal budget here are a few tips to help you keep moving forward with your goals. Click through to read seven of my tips for your minimal budget!

When trying to start out minimizing your expenses it can be hard to figure out what exactly to minimize. “Where should I cut back?” “How do I start minimizing things?” “Is this minimal enough?”

All these questions can come flooding in and when you are doing it alone it can be hard to try and figure it all out on your own, without others doing the same change.

That is where I come in.

That is where I’m here to help you figure some of this out, and today, with this post, it is How To Find Your Minimal Budget. So let’s go ahead and do that! ;)

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Three Habits To Start When You Stop Spending Money

June 28, 2016

If you've ever wondered what to do if you aren't spending money all the time or how to keep up the goal of not spending money all the time, then click through to read what three habits you should start when you stop spending money. Add these habits to your lifestyle and you will start to see a difference, and NOT just in your bank account!

If you’ve ever gone any length of time without spending money you’ve probably thought to yourself, “What am I going to do instead?”. It can seem, when we are in the habit, that the only way to have fun or have “a life” is to spend money. We get so used to doing activities that cost money as a way of entertainment, we forget or don’t realize how much money we actually spend on those things.

These last few months Greg and I have add to cut our spending down completely to just the necessities and it’s felt a little strange at times but isn’t as bad as I thought.

Where before I was so used to just going out to a thrift store as my activity for the day, now it seems weird walking in there. Where I used to just not think twice before picking up an item for a couple bucks, now I’m not constantly asking if that is even worth it?

It’s all about building habits. continue reading

How To Live On Less And Still Give To Others

May 20, 2016

If you are always wanting to help others out and do good but feel like you never have anything to give, or even enough for yourself you need to read this post! I show you how I (and you can) live on less and still give to others what you'd like! Click through to read!

Today I’m excited to talk about giving because it is something I’m passionate about. It’s also something I think other people love to do, but a lot  just don’t know how, or worse, think they don’t have anything to give.

A while back I surveyed my audience about their financial situation and what their main goal for wanting to change was.

The funny thing was most people didn’t say things like, “I want to buy a new car!” or, “I’d love to be rich so I can own a mansion!” Most people wanted to be able to do things for others! Some wanted to be able to help out other family members, others wanted to do more volunteer work, and some wanted to start their own charities!  continue reading

Three Reasons Shopping Is Not Making You Happy

May 18, 2016

If you are continuing to look for happiness in your wallet or at the store you are not going to get anywhere. Today I'm breaking down why shopping is not making you happy even if you think it is! Click through to read why you shouldn't be spending so much money on things you don't even want!

I’m sure in your lifetime you’ve heard the phrase, “Retail Therapy”. It’s the act of shopping to relieve stress or frustration. It comes from the idea that shopping will cure your bad mood and make you feel better, make you happy.

The thing is this is becoming too much of a common pastime and it’s doing just the opposite of making us happier in life.

So today I’m diving into that statement and explaining three reasons why shopping isn’t actually making you more happy!

Let’s do it!

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