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4 Tips For Combining Finances And Budgeting In Marriage

May 11, 2017

Manage your budget and combine your finances in marriage the right way with 4 tips for combining finances and budgeting in marriage!

Getting married and combining your lives is a really exciting time! Moving in together, making decisions together, and sharing your day to day is just as dreamy as it sounds, until you start actually living it.

Don’t get me wrong I love my husband to the moon and back but love doesn’t prepare you for change or make it any easier. You quickly learn things about your significant other that you hadn’t even thought about before, like how they do the dishes, or how often they change their oil or even what trashcan they prefer. Now most of those little things don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. But there is one thing that you don’t always know before getting married that does matter and you should definitely figure out; money. continue reading

Three Tips For Finding A Second Income Stream

May 1, 2017

If you've ever wanted to diversify your income streams but weren't sure how or what to do, read this post! I give you three ideas for finding a second income stream!


If you have a goal of building your savings or being debt free then you’ve probably done the math with your current job and figured out how long it will take you to get there. You’ve probably realized it will take awhile, as most big goals do. I’ve been there too and no, it’s not the most inspiring thing to see. But, there are ways to speed the process up and reach your financial goals quicker!

The first one I will always say on this blog is obviously to start minimal spending, and I mean minimal spending.

The second thing you can do is what today’s post is about: getting a second income stream.

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How To Stay Motivated With Your Financial Goals

April 24, 2017

It's hard to keep momentum going when you are working towards financial goals. In this post I'm talking about three different ways to stay motivated with your financial goals.

A couple weeks ago I sent out an email asking you guys what other blog posts you would want me to write about. This topic was one of the most asked for posts! Which, is completely fine by me because I can totally relate!

I think we all know the feeling of starting out on a new goal. You’re excited, hopeful and ready to work your butt off to get there! Much like running a marathon you start out going strong but then somewhere along the 5th mile you realize you still have a long way to go and you’re legs are already tired.

It’s at that point in running the race, that you can start to feel really hopeless. You see people ahead of you, then people that were behind you running ahead, and all the while your legs feel like they are going to give out at any moment.

It’s in those moments that you might want to quit, throw in the towel, turn around and head towards the nearest place that serves fries (or in the real life financial marathon go drop a hundred on some new clothes). But those moments are actually really important to have because in those moments is when the marathon really starts. continue reading

Three Mindset Changes For Minimal Spending

April 17, 2017

If you want to change your spending habits you need to get into the right mindset. Let me help!

If you haven’t read my post What I Learned From A Year Of Minimal Shopping I talk about just what the title says. I went a year without spending any real money on shopping. I didn’t set out to do it, it just kind of unfolded into over a year, but I learned some things that I share with you in that post.

However after sharing that post I realized I had more to say, specifically more to tell you guys about how wrap your head around and get started minimal spending. So I decided to write today’s post on mindset shifts you’ll have to change or go through in order to be successful at becoming a minimal shopper.

I hope it encourages you and you have an opportunity to challenge yourself to make some changes! continue reading

Back To Basics: How To Cut Back On The Necessities

April 10, 2017

Feeling like your paying too much for your basic needs and not sure how to cut back? Click through to read about how to not overindulge and cut back on the necessities!

As a culture we tend to want more. More time. More money. More things. We dream up the perfect life where we wouldn’t have to wait around for anything and we could have as much of whatever as we wanted.

The problem with that way of thinking is that when all you want is more, you can never be fully satisfied. Once you reach that “more” you wanted, you just want more of something else, and so on and so on. We have also started to take the basic necessities and over indulge them so much yet still believe it is in fact still a necessity, which in my opinion is one of the biggest mistakes we can make.

So today I wanted to talk about this! So, I’m taking it back to basics and explaining in detail what our actual necessities are for our lives and how you can or may already be turning them into extravagant wants veiled as necessities in hopes that you learn how to cut back and remember to be grateful for what you have.  Let’s do this!

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