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Pinfinite Growth Review: Warning Happy Dance Inducing!

March 22, 2016

If you are tired of googling for blogging tips and how to grow your blog traffic or email list or pinterest followers (the list goes on and on) look no further. All in one place, this course changed my newbie blog into a full grown adult pulling in page views and growing a following like a boss. It can do the same for you. Click through to read my in depth review and results!

Originally I had never planned on sharing the behind the scenes of this blog. Simply because I didn’t want the focus to be on the blog as a “blog” but rather as a source of valuable information for twenty somethings that is always on topic to the readers I’m serving.

Plus, I didn’t think I had any insight to offer.

But then I realized a couple of things.

One, a lot of bloggers are twenty somethings trying to figure it out. And, two, a lot of times it is better to hear from those “regular people” that aren’t business experts, on how they grew and learned what to do.

I’m not a businesses person, I’m not older and more experienced, I don’t know HTML, how to code or design a website, I don’t know the first thing about marketing and the idea of selling scares me. Yet here I am, owning a website, creating content, having a business plan in place and a marketing plan in action that is working!

So I thought, you know what? Maybe someone out there would want to see that. Maybe someone out there like me would want to see that a random girl from Washington, who knew nothing about business, grew her blog from less than a 100 readers a day to 1,000+ a day within two months. So that they could think, “Hey, I could do that too!” continue reading

My $25 Monthly Budget Review : December & January

February 5, 2016

Do you ever think that there is no way you could cut back your spending? That you don't really spend that much every month already? Want to know how I use a $25 monthly budget for everything I want and still live a full life? Click through to read my monthly budget reviews or pin now and read later! Either way, I can help you out! ;)

This post is long overdue! I’ve talked previously about my $25 budget that I have for myself every month, I’ve written about it in our budget under $1700 post, and I gave it it’s own post when I shared with you exactly what I spent that budgeted money on for November. I had wanted to start sharing each month what I spent that money on because I wanted to show you exactly why $25 a month for a budget is doable. continue reading

My $25 Monthly Budget : November 2015

December 1, 2015

My $25 Budget // Lydia Lois - Lifestyle Blogger

If you think that it's impossible to spend less, save money, budget, and still enjoy everything you love, think again! I do it every month with a budget of only $25. Click through to see what I spend it on and how I do it!


I wanted to do this post last month but as time does start flying this time of year I never got around to it. So I thought I would write this up as soon as I could so that my time wouldn’t run away from me!

As you know by know Greg and I have a passion for money and budgeting especially as young twenty somethings. I want to help others learn the value of saving and spending wisely in order to stay out of debt and build a future. One way Greg and I are doing that right now is staying on a strict budget in order to live way within our means and save for a house. Part of that budget is that we each have $25 to spend a month on ourselves. He gets $25, I get $25.

What this means is anything that would be a want you spend that $25 on. For myself, that means usually clothes, makeup, or maybe a book once in awhile. For the last year it has almost all been spent primarily on clothes. However, since I have been getting rid of a ton of clothes I have been trying not to buy as much as well. Instead my monthly budget has been filled with other things, which is nice for a change.

Anyways, let me break down to you this month and how I get away with (and am satisfied) with only spending $25 total. continue reading

A Wedding On A Budget : $2000

November 16, 2015

My Wedding Under $2,000 // Lydia Lois - Lifestyle Blogger

Think you have to spend a lot on you wedding day to make it special? Learn how I got the fairytale wedding on a financial budget!

Greg and I had been together over four years when we got engaged. So naturally we were ready to get married right as soon as we got engaged. I remember one of the first conversations we had about wedding planning Greg very hesitantly said something about not wanting to have a huge wedding where we spent all our money and had to wait a long time to plan it because he just really wanted to be married. To which I kind of laughed in his face a bit and said, “Do you even know me?” continue reading