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In all the ups and downs of your twenties you are also suppose to figure out what you want to do with your life! Let me help! :)

What To Do In The Middle Of A Quarter Life Crisis

February 26, 2016

As twenty somethings we learn how to manage depression, anxiety, and being basically lost in life while everyone else seems to have the perfect life map. If you are in the middle of a quarter life crisis let me tell you that you aren't alone, and I have some tips to help you get through it and better for it.

If you’ve been in your twenties for any amount of years you have probably felt the feeling of a quarter life crisis even if you haven’t full blown had one. Feeling lost, confused, and not knowing where to go is all apart of the joy of coming into adulthood. If you are in the midst of it currently I’m here to tell you I’ve been there, it does get better, but in the meantime I have some tips to help you get through the thick of it. continue reading

Why Your Twenties Is The Hardest Decade Of Your Life

February 24, 2016

As a twenty something with every year you seem to be getting more and more lost in questions of what you want to do with your life? What are you passionate about? What career will you have? Your twenties if the hardest decade of your life. Click through for moral support, a few laughs and a little bit of "HECK YEAH!"

Why Your Twenties Is The Hardest Decade Of Your Life

So let’s talk about being in your twenties. Shall we?

People say high school is hard, and it is, but being in your twenties, well, that is a whole new ball game….when you don’t even play sports.

I read a funny meme that was something like, “Being an adult is easy, it’s like riding a bike, except the bike is on fire, the ground is on fire and everything is on fire because you’re in hell.”

Funny, but mostly because there is a part of it that rings true.

You’re twenties can be pretty awful. continue reading

Five Lies You’ve Been Told About Your Twenties

February 19, 2016

Sick of hearing everyone else's opinions and life advice on how yours is suppose to go. I think the twenties is one of the hardest decades to learn about yourself and the world at the same time is a big task. Let me help you out and best five lies you've been told about your twenties right now!

In case you hadn’t already picked up on this fact that things that we learn growing up don’t always prepare us for adulthood, I’m here to teach it to you! (Although I I bet you do remember the first time you realized your parents didn’t know everything, killed your soul a little didn’t it?)

We get told a lot of things coming into adulthood, from people who are older and therefore know what they are talking about right? That’s what we think anyway. So we go on believing it, doing it, acting out whatever way they’ve told us to live but then one day we realize something is not working. Or we don’t like how it is working, that’s not how we imagined our adult life to be like. At that point is when we start to ask ourselves if they were right about what they said? Or if we were wrong to listen to them? continue reading

What People Define You By And What To Do About It

January 29, 2016

People will define you by a lot of things in life. But there is something that we all silently define each other by, you need to know what that is and what to do about it. Hint, it'll be a good thing to do!

What People Define You By And What To Do About It

When you are unemployed any amount of time you start to notice things that you never noticed before. Like how often you get asked, “What you do?”. As in, “What is your job and how do you make money?”

The thing is, “What do you do?” doesn’t really mean what is your job? “What do you do?” can mean a number of different things! I’m always tempted to ask, “Do you mean, what do I do to make money? Or what do I love to do? How do I spend my days? Or what do I do for fun?”

But alas I know what they mean, they mean where do you work? Usually in lieu of explaining this blogging extravaganza I tell them I’m taking time off from work. (Which really isn’t true and in fact I’m working more now than ever before, I just don’t get paid for it. But I’d rather leave it at that then have them ask more questions. ;) ha!)

Truthfully I’m guilty of asking this question when making conversation with people as well. But being on the other side of that question I’ve started to realize what it means, and why we all go to ask that when we are first getting to know someone. continue reading

How Netflix Is Killing Your Potential

January 20, 2016

If you ever thought that one more episode couldn't hurt, you need to read this article. And if you don't think you have the time, then repin to read later! Netflix, the beloved past time is killing all our hopes, dreams, goals, and potential. Let me explain how..

If you are reading this already, good for you. You clicked on this title even though in the back of your mind you know it might lead to you stopping watching the beloved Netflix. And when I say beloved, I do mean beloved. I’m pretty sure there is nothing that comes close (for me at least) to the feeling of sitting on your couch in the most comfy position and bingeing seasons of shows.

There is just no comparison in feeling, or at least not one that I’ve found yet.

But thats kind of the problem. Where before you might get bored sitting watching TV all day long, with commercial interruptions and having to be on the TV’s schedule instead of your own, never being able to pause. Now they’ve made it perhaps the best and easiest american past time. With the next episode ready to go before you’ve decided if you have the time.

It’s unstoppable. continue reading