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I’m Lydia, the girl behind the blog.

I’m in my twenties, married to my hunk of a high school sweetheart whose hair is most likely longer than yours. We live in a small but wonderful little apartment while we save our pennies for our own home one day. My life is probably very similar to yours, I love hanging out with friends, wearing a good outfit, eating at Mexican restaurants and rocking a red lipstick. The difference is I’ve just learned to do this while spending very little money.

That’s where this blog comes in.

Lydia Lois is a blog dedicated to help millennials live minimally! (Though there really isn’t an age limit to that!)

I’ve learned to create a life where I spend minimal money, have zero debt, and spend my time enjoying life and chasing big scary dreams. This blog is where I want to teach you to do the same! You don’t need to buy your way to happiness, belonging or “success”. The life you want is out there and it’s not bought by your credit card!

Stick around and become part of the crowd that is changing the way they spend their money and their life!

Reach out and email me if you have questions or suggestions for post topics! I’d love to hear from you!




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  1. Katherine

    I read your artilce about quitting the job, (I´m not in my 20´s) sort of the reasons yor just wrote. But now I don´t know how to use my time an find a job! A real job that fulfills me, any sugestions?

    1. Lydia Lois Post author

      Hi Katherine, The best advice I can give is to just try out things. If you truly don’t know what it is that fulfills you or that you are passionate about you might have to try different things until you start to feel any kind of pull towards something. Then, chase that feeling. This doesn’t mean you have to hop from job to job. You could test out things by asking your friends about their jobs, you could try different hobbies to see what you are interested in or even volunteer at different establishments to see if there is anything there that sparks you! Hope that helps give some ideas! :)

  2. Max

    So basically all your content upgrades are linked to one list, correct? I’m not sure how it works, because as far as I am aware, your subscribers cannot sign up to one list more then once, and therefore, they will not be able to download second, third …etc content upgrade next time (I mean through lead magnets from other posts). Am I wrong?

    1. Lydia Lois Post author

      I’m not an expert at all but I think you are right. I just link all my content upgrades to a library so that when they sign up they get access to the library forever and any new content upgrade gets put there. I’m not sure what happens if they try to download another one. I would think that they would go to the library first as I’ve said they all get added there. Sorry I can’t be more helpful!

    1. Lydia Lois Post author

      HI Max! No worries! When I had this question I literally couldn’t find the answer anywhere so I kind of get you seeking me out!

      Basically as far as I could find you would have to create a new list for each one if you are only using mail chimp and not lead pages. Which I am. So what I did instead is create a content upgrade library where I put links to all my upgrades and on each post I have them enter their email into that list and then they get a link to the page with all the content upgrades. Make sense? :)


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