Five Reasons Making More Money Will Not Solve Your Problems

September 28, 2016

If you've ever wished to be rich or just to have some more money in the bank you should read this first. Contrary to popular belief having more money will not solve your problems. Don't believe me? Click through to read my thoughts and hear some staggering statistics!

If you’ve ever sat down and talked to any hardworking adult and asked them about their struggles I can almost guarantee that a few of them have to do with wanting or “needing” more money. Maybe you yourself have had that same thought. Money causes so much pain, ache, stress, and worry it’s a wonder why we all want so much of it, myself included at times.

But the problem is once we have enough to live off of we don’t stop wanting it. No one ever gets to a point where they say “No, thank you” to more money. We are living a perfectly good life but think that having more money will always, without a shadow of a doubt, make it better. Lately I’ve been wondering why that is. I think it has something to do with the title of this post. I think we believe that more money will fix our problems. continue reading

How To Create A Holiday Plan And Budget

September 26, 2016

If the holidays coming don't evoke general feelings of joy and instead bring on stress of money and how you are going to buy everyone gifts and feed them at the same time, well then this article is for you. It talks exactly how to budget not just gifts for the holidays but the food you need to make and outings you want to participate in. If you are a planner or if you want to be a holiday planner then how to create a holiday plan and budget is perfect for you! Click through to read now!

Now before anyone yells at me for talking about the holidays before we’ve even hit Halloween, just hold your horses and give me a minute to explain. The most common mistakes made when spending money for the holidays is not having a plan and starting too late. So in order to avoid that issue I’m writing this post today to help you get a head start so that when the holidays do come you can enjoy them without worrying about your bank account.

So, if I have your permission, I will continue. ;) continue reading

Three Things Social Media Is Stealing From You

September 24, 2016

If you've ever wondered how you could be more productive, how you could find contentment, or have better relationships then this article is for you! Social media is a great tool but when used for too long or for the wrong reasons can become destructive. Click through to read the three things that social media is stealing from you that you might not even realize!

As incredibly fun it is to add a filter to your picture, write a funny caption, and watch all your friends share in the liking of this moment in time, it’s also incredibly pointless. (Sorry I’m starting this article like ripping off a band aid.) I believe social media started with a pure heart, and though there are some good things it can be used for, like anything else, without moderation it turns bad really quick. The problem then seems obvious, there is no moderation. continue reading

Five Things You Are Wasting Money On

July 12, 2016

Want to know some of my top money wasters and budget killers? Click through to this blog post where I give you five things you are wasting your money on. They aren't worth it, but your future is! Start a budget, stop spending and start saving with some of these tips. Let me help you!

So often we can feel like we don’t have enough money for all the things we need in life. But sometimes we can be spending unnecessary money on things that really don’t need that much money. Today I wanted to give you just five things (for starters) that you are most likely spending too much money on and in other words, wasting your money on. continue reading

7 Tips For Your Minimal Budget

July 5, 2016

If you are struggling with creating or maintaining your minimal budget here  are a few tips to help you keep moving forward with your goals. Click through to read seven of my tips for your minimal budget!

When trying to start out minimizing your expenses it can be hard to figure out what exactly to minimize. “Where should I cut back?” “How do I start minimizing things?” “Is this minimal enough?”

All these questions can come flooding in and when you are doing it alone it can be hard to try and figure it all out on your own, without others doing the same change.

That is where I come in.

That is where I’m here to help you figure some of this out, and today, with this post, it is How To Find Your Minimal Budget. So let’s go ahead and do that! ;)

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